Full Figured Fierce:September Fierce Face

Good Morning Beautifuls,



We hope you are having an AWESOME day. We are super excited to announce the winner of the Full Figured Fierce Fierce Face of the Month Contest. We want to also show Love to our runner ups. They all looked amazing and did a wonderful Job in the contest. But before we do that, we have to say THANK YOU to our Sponsor for the Full Figured Fierce Fierce Face of the Month Contest, The CLASSIC MAVEN BOUTIQUE  out of Orlando, Florida.


We have been infatuated with them since they showed at our 4-year anniversary fashion show this year. Stop by and see them or check them out online here.

So, let’s get to it. The moment we have all been waiting for. The announcement of the top 5 Queens of the Full Figured Fierce Fierce Face of The Month Contest.

They are…

unnamed (1)
Michel-Jackson Judith



and our Grand Diva is ….




Congratulations to all of these Beauties. I’m glad I didn’t have to pick a winner.

Don’t forget we are in the process of planning our 5 year anniversary for Full Figured Fierce. Our annual Charity fashion show is scheduled for March 18, 2017. If you are interested in modeling for the show, our next casting will be in Chattanooga, TN Sept 17.

If you can’t make the casting you can join the virtual casting page here. Keep up with all updates on our Facebook event or on our website. We hope to see you there. Have a FABULOUS Weekend and Holiday.


Big Handsome Kings Support the #WeDECLAREWAR Movement



Even our Big Handsome Kings are joining us for the Full Figured Fierce‪#‎WEDECLAREWAR‬ movement. Shout out to BHK Dave D Silas IIIPhotographer Dave Silas of CTM Photography for joining the us. Yes Guys .. You can declare WAR too.

Full Figured Fierce is DECLARING WAR on those things that have hindered us from being our BEST Selves. For me, it was Depression. For my sister, it was Conforming to what people THOUGHT she should be… what is it for YOU? Everyone is different. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. I am looking for our Full Figured Fierce family, my community, or anyone who needs to take control of that thing that keeps you from truly being GREAT.
How can you be apart?
1. Video :You can send in a video ( 2 mins or less) telling us your story and why YOU DECLARE WAR.
2. Photo: Submit your photo with the Word or Phrase ( 5 words or less) Describing what you DECLARE WAR on.
Submit your information to info.fullfiguredfierce@gmail.com. Videos are due by October 31, 2016. Please allow 48 hours for your photo to be added to the website.
IT’S TIME… to start LIVING and stop EXISTING!


‪#‎WOW‬ She was reported on Social Media..
Meet one of the @FullFiguredFierce ‪#‎brandambassadors‬ @Shopaholickj aka Krystle Nicole. This photo was reported apparently because she is in her bra. I see all types of things on social media it CAN’T BE the bra. People are a mess. We ♡♡♡ this photo and it will be one of our featured photos for our ‪#‎WEDECLAREWAR‬ CAMPAIGN. It’s a ‪#‎Curvy‬ ‪#‎Queen‬ in a bra… GET OVER IT. Is that the problem or is it that she is confident enough to rock this? It doesn’t matter either way. She rocks and We LOVE & SUPPORT HER! 100000% and check out her feature in @curvyconnect magazine this month


Full Figured Fierce is DECLARING WAR on those things that have hindered us from being our BEST Selves. For me, it was Depression. For my sister, it was Conforming to what people THOUGHT she should be… what is it for YOU? Everyone is different. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. I am looking for our Full Figured Fierce family, my community, or anyone who needs to take control of that thing that keeps you from truly being GREAT.
How can you be apart?
1. Video :You can send in a video ( 2 mins or less) telling us your story and why YOU DECLARE WAR.
2. Photo: Submit your photo with the Word or Phrase ( 5 words or less) Describing what you DECLARE WAR on.
Submit your information to info.fullfiguredfierce@gmail.com. Videos are due by October 31, 2016. Please allow 48 hours for your photo to be added to the website.

IT’S TIME… to start LIVING and stop EXISTING!


“I declare war against the “SHOULDN’Ts”! She shouldn’t have taken that pic, she shouldn’t have worn that outfit, she shouldn’t have posted that status… All because society can’t handle an everyday woman, embracing herself and showing how happy and comfortable she is in her skin!” ~ Kerri Davis Brand Ambassador for Full Figured Fierce 


Full Figured Fierce Casting Call

Full Figured Fierce will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary in March of 2017 with our annual Fashion Show. We can’t have a fashion without Fabulous Curvy Models. So, it’s Casting Call time. Think you have what it takes to rock our runway?  Well here’s your chance.


The first casting will be held in Huntsville, AL at the Wellness Center on the campus of Alabama A&M University. It’s located on the corner of Chase Road and Meridian Street. 35810

The order of the day will be as follows:
9:00- 9:30 Check In
9:30- 9:45 Discuss show information, model expectations
9:45-10:30 Mini Runway Class
10:30 Casting will begin

All Sizes, Nationalities, Male & Female Models
Experience is preferred by not required.

What To Wear:
( Women)
Black Tank
Black Leggings ( opaque) or skinny jeans
Heels 3-5 inches ( no wedges, basic heel that you can walk in)
Hair off your face
Light makeup
No jewelry

( Men)
Black T-Shirt
Jeans ( No sagging allowed)
Dress Shoes

What to Bring:
Comp Card or equivalent ( headshot/full body)
Photos do not have to be professional.
Positive Attitude

You may be casting for more than one event/show. Hope to see you there.

Stay connected through our website here





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Monique Gaines: Changing Her Stars

Greetings Beautifuls…

How have you been? We have missed you dearly. Lots of things going on and we will talk about all that soon including showing off our Full Figured Fierce Professional Model of the Month. Can’t wait for you to meet her..

But right now, I want to take the time to show some love to our models who represent Full Figured Fierce with the utmost class, style and grace. We lovingly call them   THE RUNWAY KILLERS

Our First spotlight is on our beautiful Petite Plus Model, Monique Gaines. We first met this Beauty at our very first Full Figured Fierce Anniversary fashion show in March of 2015. She hadn’t thrown her hat onto the runway yet.. but that soon changed. One of our fabulous sponsors were giving away a pair of concert tickets to an upcoming Anthony Hamilton concert. Now, listen, I don’t know too many women who didn’t want to be there. So in true fashion show form, we had a walk off. Well, Ms. Monique was not about to leave that show without those tickets. She gave a strut so fierce that made the audience cheer so loud… that I had to come from backstage to see what was happening. See for yourself…

Yep… THAT HAPPENED. That was me in the black dress going to find out who this queen was who just destroyed my runway. ONE.. somebody needed to pay for the damages.. and TWO I needed her on the team. We recruited her that night. A few weeks later, Monique invested in herself and came to our Walk Like Her Model and Confidence Class. She built her confidence, showed us that WINNING personality, perfected her walk.. and Changed Her Stars. That was just over a year ago. Since then… THIS happened..


Yep.. she has walked for such designers as Shelia Lee, Blushing Hem, DJ Queendom, Echt Clothing, AJ Bischoff, Willette Prism, Model Haven Boutique, Classic Maven Boutique, and Belk. And not only has she walked for Full Figured Fierce but  Alabama Fashion Week 2016  and Confessions of a Goddess in Orlando Florida hosted by none other than the Queen Cynthia Bailey.

Don’t believe you can change your stars.. think again. Monique is the prime example of what a little hard work, determination and FAITH IN YOURSELF can do. So, Queens.. tell me.. How will you CHANGE “YOUR” STARS?

Check out some of the fabulous photos from Monique’s year…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep your eyes out for this one.. she will SLAY a runway near your VERY SOON..

Photo Credits: Thomas Colvin, Mister Al’s Photography


Full Figured Fierce : Fierce Face of the Month

Fierce Face of the Month Sponsored by WALK Like HER Model and Confidence Class and The Runway Killers
We are now taking submissions for the August 2016 Fierce Face of the Month.
We will take submissions ( HALF to FULL BODY PHOTOS) until July 24, 2016. The Contest will begin Monday, July 25, 2016.
Here are the RULES:
1. You MUST LIKE Full Figured Fierce on Facebook
2. (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) EMAIL *ONE* photo to submissions.fullfiguredfierce@gmail.com
ATT: FIERCE FACE AUGUST ( in the subject)
Please make sure you add the word submissions and the period before fullfiguredfierce@gmail.com
We will not take submissions from any other email.
Multiple photos will be disqualified. NO COLLAGES!
3. Submissions end July 24,2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST.
No photos after that time will be accepted. If you do not receive a confirmation message, your entry has not been received.
4. SHARE YOUR PHOTO ( from the Full Figured Fierce ALBUM ONLY) with your friends once we post it.
5. Contest lasts from July 24- July 312016
6.Winner will be announced AUG 1

JOJO WEST: Full Figured Fierce Pro Model of the Month


Well HELLO THERE!!! It’s that time again… It’s the day we get to spotlight another BEAUTIFUL Professional Plus Model working hard in this industry…

Meet the absolutely Beautiful, Queen JOJO WEST.

We have following this beauty since this photo b49046c1-ab96-46e3-9023-e15a34ca04c4

broke the internet within the Plus Size Community last year. We saw it and screamed… “YOUUUUUU BETTTTA Be EVERYTHING in this Swimwear!!!!! ”  This Swimsuit by Bjuled Couture looked amazing on her. Love Love LOVE!! So we caught up with the Beautiful JoJo for a quick interview.. Check it out below….

So Beautiful.. tell the world of Full Figured Fierce who you are and where you are from.

My name is Johanna but my model name is Jojo West; I was born and raised in Miami, FL, I lived in the DC area for 10 years and I’m now back in sunny South Florida.

Yes, We love Florida can’t wait to get back. So let’s dive right in, How long have you been modeling? 

I started modeling at the age of 4 when my mother entered me in my first pageant. I continued to model into my early teens, but stopped because my self confidence took a hit and I ended up with an eating disorder. I started modeling again 5 years ago, this time as a plus size model.

Well we are so glad you are back , Slaying the scene as only JoJo can. So we hear you have a lot of major events coming up? Tell us about them.

My calendar is quite full through September, I love it! Aside from some upcoming photo shoots, I have several runway events. On June 12, I will be walking for Plush by Dames N’ Diamonds, a plus size swimwear show in Orlando, FL. Then I will be participating in 1426 Curves Swim Week in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, June 23-25. In July I will be traveling to Houston, TX to participate in Fashionable & Thick, then traveling to Washington, DC for Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. I was super excited to be chosen to walk for the event. August will take me to Myrtle Beach, SC for the AutoImmune Metro Style 2016 show. I’m currently waiting to audition for the Walk Fashion show in Miami, and for Small Boutique Fashion Week during NYFW as a model for Bjuled Couture, the plus size swimwear line for which I’m the brand ambassador.

Now THAT is what we call , BOOKED! So we have been seeing alot about the Embrace Your Curves Expo? Give us all the low down on the Expo. 

The expo is a work in progress. We’re currently in the planning stages of creating a large trade show style event focused not only around fashion, but also on health, both physical and emotional. As someone who has spent many years of her life in the fashion industry I know how it can make girls and women of all ages and sizes feel. The profits from the event will be donated to the charity of the participants choice. They can choose between St. Jude Children’s Research hospital and The National Eating Disorder Association. There will be several vending opportunities, musical performances, panels, and a runway event.

Party with a Purpose, that’s what we love to see in this community. We will be getting some more information about that to the Full Figured Fierce world soon. This is something everyone needs to support. So, What is your favorite thing about modeling?

I love the versatility. As both a print and runway model I get to do two entirely different things. With runway, I have the honor of wearing different styles and represent the hard work and vision of each designer. It’s an incredible experience. From the stress of being chosen to that final moment when you walk of the stage and actually breathe! With print work I can express my own individuality and creativity. If I’m collaborating with photographers on my own themes I get to create the type of art that I would display on my walls, and when working on more editorial material I get to create art and material I can share with a broader audience.

So, you and I are both model coaches. Being a model coach, how do you feel about the growing number of aspiring models who believe they do not need training?

The thing to remember is that there’s more to being a model than having a pretty face or a certain body, and there is always room for growth. Every good model I have met has had some form of training, whether at an academy or with a coach. A model not only needs to know how to walk a runway and pose her body, but she needs to develop her facial expressions while posing. Facial expressions are a lot harder than most people think. It’s easy to do the basic: happy, serious, and “sexy”, but when you need to do angry, sad, frustrated, tired, scared, confused, etc. many girls draw a blank. Then there’s things like understanding the industry, the way designers function, what’s expected of models, how much time and money you’ll need to invest, where to start, and how to handle yourself around industry professionals. Those are all things you learn through years of being in the industry. The benefits of working with a coach is that they pass on that knowledge before you even start which makes a huge difference in how you advance in your career.

Absolutely, there is so much more to this than being a pretty face.

Jojo,  Where do you see yourself in 5 years in this industry?

In 5 years I would like to have had the honor to walk in Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, have been published in a major print publication and/or a major plus size publication. I would also like to be well established in the fashion event planning business, putting on my own runway events and trade shows. Finally, I would like to have my own agency, with an integrated and varied list of represented models.

We think you will accomplish every single one of those dreams. It’s in the atmosphere now, no turning back now.  In the process, you will be an inspiration to so many young women to come after you. Do you believe the rise in awareness within the Plus size community will continue?

I absolutely believe it will continue to grow. For a long time people have been voicing how they feel about the lack of diversity not only in the fashion industry, but the entertainment industry in general. When the average clothing size for women is in the double digits, the industry needs to recognize that the majority needs to be represented. With models like Tess Holiday and Ashley Graham making groundbreaking achievements, it’s hard to deny that change is happening.

Do you have a dream designer you would love to walk for? If so, who and why?

There are so many incredible designers that I can’t pick just one. There’s two designers I’ve been following since I was a teenager: Oscar de la Renta and Valentino! They have been around for so long and throughout the years they continue to create beautiful pieces.

Precisely.. He is quoted saying “I always say in my role as a designer is to bear, to do the very best I can for that woman, to make her feel her very best.” Oscar De La Renta  I think he definitely achieved that goal in his life.

So, on to some GIRLY STUFF… What are your go to beauty products?

I have very sensitive skin and because of that I’m very particular about the cleaning products I use on my face. I use the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser, and Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner from Keihl’s. Moisturizing is very important, so I use botanical kinetics™ hydrating lotion from Aveda. As far as makeup goes, I am a huge Kat Von D fan, especially her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and Lock-it foundation, which is perfect for photo shoots.

I’m going to have to try that moisturizer. It is extremely important during any season.If you weren’t a model, what else would you see yourself doing? 

I would probably still be involved in the arts. My family is very artistic. My father and uncles all play musical instruments, and sketch. My sister paints and dances. I used to dance and play the piano, it’s just in my blood. I imagine that if I didn’t have the creative outlet from modeling, that energy would likely be focused on sketching and painting, which I enjoy.

So, What is next for the Beautiful JoJo West?

I’m working on making new connections and partnerships in Florida. My plan is to expand my portfolio and do more commercial work with plus size brands. I will be working on expanding the Bjuled Couture brand, which I’m very involved with, to take it to a national and perhaps international level. I also have plans to start a cafe/restaurant with my husband in the next few years, so there’s a lot I’m working on.

Thank you so much for stopping by Full Figured Fierce, JoJo West. We salute you and wish you nothing but the best on all your upcoming shows, your Expo and let us know when you hit that runway in New York Fashion Week. We know you are going to make that happen.

You can follow JoJo’s journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Check her out on a runway near you ..