Full Figured Fierce Friday: Empower

Greetings Beautiful Queens and Handsome Kings..

It’s FRIDAY.. FULL FIGURED FIERCE Friday that is.. So we thought we would sprinkle you with some Fabulousness ( it’s a word..don’t worry)  this Beautiful February day. Meet the Beautiful Susan.. She is our current Full Figured Fierce Cover Queen.  You can follow her on FB here12717215_1121561604520552_4127151975172739875_n

Model: Susan the model: Full Figured Model
Photographer: Sharita INC

 “My wish is to inspire others to greatness. And so they don’t go through their 20’s as I did too ashamed to wear anything sleeveless!!!!”

We love that our Queens strive to EMPOWER others.


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Full Figured Fierce : Model of the Month

Images by: Mesmarise Photography Hair & Makeup by: Luminaire Pro
Images by: Mesmarise Photography Hair & Makeup by: Luminaire Pro
Image by: T.S Designs Styled: Jackie Turner Makeup by: Patrice Story
Images by: Mesmarise Photography Hair & Makeup by: Luminaire Pro

Full Figured Fierce caught up with the Beautiful and Super Talented Nikki Carter of North Carolina. We met Nikki in Portland for Portland Fashion Week, where we walked together for Kenneth Doswell of Betty Jean Couture. However, we have been following her career for quite some time now.

Check out our interview with her below and the sound advice she gives aspiring models breaking into the industry.

F3: So Queen Nikki, How long have you been in the industry?

Nikki: I have been in the industry seriously since 2010 but have been modeling since I was 13 years old.  I went to Barbizon Modeling & Acting school years ago.  

F3: Name 2 things you Love and Dislike about the plus industry?  

Nikki: I love the sense of community among the plus size models , it’s not a competition, there’s room for all kinds of people.  I also love the fact that plus size models are becoming more mainstream. However, I still feel like models on the smaller end of the spectrum of plus size modeling aren’t as welcomed into the love fest of the plus size community as a fuller girl.  I also feel that although the term edgy (meaning having an alternative look) is tossed around like wildfire and misused.  I’ve seen time and time again that companies/designers host  casting calls  for an edgy model however ultimately choosing a very commercial model when in fact alternative/edgy models like myself exist and can be very commercial with an edgy look.  

F3: What are some of your personal do’s and don’ts when it comes to this industry?

Nikki: Networking is crucial to being successful in this industry including and not limited to social networking, at least that’s what has worked for me.  I try to make yourself a blank canvas so that a potential client could possibly see their designs on me.  I never bash anyone or treat them unkindly, the plus size community is a very tight knit community, you never know who knows who and how good of a friend they may be.  I do not talk trash about clothes that do not match my personal style while at a runway show, word gets around and no one likes a loose mouth model.  Models are canvases there’s no need to give your opinion. Another big no no for me is never be unprepared, I always bring makeup, hair products, and multiple shapers you never know what may happen.   

F3: With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, there are so many new faces in the industry now. What advice would you give an aspiring model when it pertains to their social media presence?

Nikki: Your social media sites are an avenue for free advertisement, use them wisely.  Posting about your personal love life, breakups and makeups in rollercoaster relationships aren’t anyone’s business but you and your partners.  And no one really wants to know that you feel depressed either, I really hate that Facebook gives that option to allow users to post such emotions.  In my opinion, when a designer/possible client does a social media check (yes they look at your pics) and they see your post about feeling depressed, lonely, and no one loves me they instantly think how can this person benefit my company.  The designer could possibly think wow I hope she’s not feeling depressed the day of the show.  Not to mention images of illegal drug use or drunkenness, we all have a good time no doubt but there’s no need to post an image of such.  My motto is only post images that are appropriate for my parents and pastor to view.       

F3: That is EXCELLENT advice that I hope they receive. So, being models we have some MUST HAVES that we carry with us everywhere. What’s the most important item in your model bag and why?

Nikki: I actually have a few items that I never leave home without but the most important item is my shaper.  Shapers can make or break a model’s career.  Doing the wobble on the runway isn’t cute, seriously not at all!

F3: Absolutely. LOL   So tell us, what events you have coming up?

Nikki: Currently working for Belk Department store as an in house fit model in plus fashions.  Looking forward to upcoming shows in San Diego  and Canada, also seeking to attend FFFWeek casting for 2016 in hopes of being selected for their show in June.  My desire is to travel abroad in 2016 possibly UK shows but whatever the great Creator has in store for me.

We thank Queen Nikki for chatting with us and offering up some great advice and letting us know what she is up to. Look for her on a runway near you.

… Somebody come Look at this…


Well well well…. we decided to do another COVER QUEEN Search and once again, our Queens did NOT disappoint. I know people think that we are just posting photos. But it’s MORE than that. Each and every picture posted is a MESSAGE to someone who didn’t have the courage to TAKE a picture, let alone post for the world to see. Each of the Queens we feature help build a bit more confidence in women who may not have any. So, Show them some love. Leave them a comment and a word of Affirmation.

In the meantime…   Allow us to put some FULL FIGURED FIERCE in your life.

Somebody come look at this…

Congratulations to our Cover Queen Thalia Rae


Photographer: Daryl Smith Sr.
MUA/Model #MsSunshineRed

Destiny Marie

Photographer: Alicia Pesco Photography

MUA: Nikki NicoleHA: Sharece Young


Katherine Mary Photography


Photo and mua Jana Rosa


Photographer: Emperial Thomas
MUA: Lela Djdiamondbutterfly Jackson
Hairstylist: Ayeola Davis

Nicole Stephanie 

Photographer: Jay Humble Lack
MUHA: Victor Inman
Model: #NicoleStephanie



….would you come look at this?

Good Morning Kings and Queens.. I hope you are having a FABULOUS Day so far.  We definitely are. So, listen.. we were looking for a new cover girl to grace our Facebook fan page, right? So we put out a call last night for beautiful professional/quality photos. Choosing just one was extremely hard. So hard, in fact , that we decided we needed to do a few features because they really came through with these photos. Classy, Sexy, Curvy, and most importantly, FIERCE! We LOVE when women COMMAND attention…

So here are a few Queens we wanted to Highlight.


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See you soon…

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The 11th Annual Style Experience : For the Love of Fashion (musing)

Good Morning Beautifuls,

I hope you are having an awesome Monday. So, let’s just dive right in. I am still on a Fashion High.. This weekend, I was honored to walk,once again, for Author and Designer Mr. Perry Varner. What an amazing production this was.

Photography :JT Cheri Photography Prattville, Al

Photography: JT CHERI Photography
Designer: BeYOUtiful Boutique on Wheels

It took me back to when I first fell in love with fashion shows. I was transported back to that little girl hearing about the Ebony Fashion Fair Extravaganzas. I would read the listing for the cities they would be traveling to and study the photos of these gorgeous women glammed for the GAWDS. They never came close to me and if they did.. my parents would never take me.. Fashion wasn’t high on their list of priorities. But as a little girl.. I would walk around my room with my scarves tied ..just so… and I would walk back and forth past the fan so that they would blow like I was on stage. Yes.. I had that type of imagination. And this weekend, I lived my dream.

Picture it.. The Beautiful Davis Theater on the campus of Troy University in Montgomery, Al. Shades of red everywhere you turned. The curtains raised as the Beautiful voice of Tonya Terry spoke 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”  Enter an amazing dancer gliding and twirling across the floor as a Vibrant Red signature piece from each designer graced the stage to give the audience a taste of what was to come. And I was the last one left on stage.. BIG hair, Red Lips, Red dress, red sequin shoes …. All I could think was.. “My God I’m here” Yes, it was one of those moments where you remember it but you DON’T.. All I kept saying to myself, something I have said before, “This is your shot Baby Girl. Don’t screw it up..” LOL..

Now this does not take away from ANY show I’ve ever been in.. because I love them all.. but this one, for some reason, was different. I guess you could say it was more like a play than a fashion show. I could see the image Perry Varner wanted the audience to see. Dreamers understand the dreams of Dreamers. I learned so much from this year’s shows. From walking for Kenneth Doswell in Portland, OR.. ( yes.. this country girl from Alabama walked in Portland, Oregon for Plus Designer of the Year in January. POW!) to doing my OWN show in March, and now Perry in August, I took MAJOR notes on how you should run a show, how backstage really works from a designer to the models to the production assistants. It’s alot.. I’ll say it again. Every MODEL should work on a production team. You will appreciate the effort soo much more. WHEW!.. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in work that we forget to thank the people. So before I go I need to give a MAJOR Thank you to Perry Varner for allowing me to be a part of his team, the production and the dream. It truly means the world to me to be able to watch those work and be mentored by those who are on the level that I strive to reach.

I was blessed to walk for some AMAZING designers, such as Be.You.tiful Boutique on Wheels, Queen Gayla Rogers Collection, Chanel B Designs, and Shapely Louise, I am soooo in love with the work of each and every one of these designers it’s a shame.. Please click on the names to go to their sites and check out all their work.. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

And also be sure to check out Perry Varner’s Book : The Perfect Pair : A Beautifully Complex Relationship Between People of Color and Fashion.

Check out footage from the show below. Footage from Be.Youtiful Boutique on Wheels and Kelle GraphicznPhotography Forte.

Have a Beautifully Full Figured Fierce Day everyone.. And Remember.. BUILD YOUR OWN DOOR!


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Are your submissions being rejected?


Living Life like it's GOLDEN


Hey Ladies,

I wanted to clear up some issues we are having with model submissions. The photos above are of me. The first two are with a professional photographer, Ron Mayes. The other is a collage I made from cell phone pictures.  Although I like all the photos and everything is in place and seemingly good photos, only one is submission worthy.  Submissions No’s can be the  following:

  • Camera Phone Photo
  • Cloudy or fuzzy
  • Background distractions  ( club scenes, friends & family, etc )
  • Contain logos or watermarks
  • Collages

When you submit a photo to a magazine for print , they *SHOULD* require that your photos are the following:

  • at least 300 dpi
  • at least 1200 x 1200
  • Unpublished ( meaning social media or other publications) UNLESS specifically stated.
  • Seasonal ( meaning don’t send a swimsuit photo in the dead of winter)
  • a variety of head and full body shots

Remember that your photos are your first impression. Yes, you may be a beautiful person and your make up and hair may be flawless, however, the pictures that you submit tell the viewer more about you than you may know you are revealing.  For instance, if you send fuzzy or cloudy photos, it lets them know that you are not serious about your craft because you have not invested in a professional photographer.  If you send the same photos over and over again, especially if you have been given constructive criticism on those photos, it shows them that you are not one who can be coached or mentored. The quickest way to end your career before it starts is to assume that you know it all. That’s impossible because this industry, like most, are ever changing.  If you send photos that they have seen on social media, they are more likely to disregard them because they want their publication to stay fresh. There are exceptions to this rule depending on the publication, article etc. But as a rule of thumb, send unpublished photos. If you send photos in the club, in your car, at work etc, it lets them know that you aren’t serious or your don’t believe that THEY are serious about what they are doing.

If you are serious about your career, take the necessary steps to convey that to others. Professional photos are a MUST, no exceptions. Go to workshops and learn from those who have been in the industry. STUDY! It’s all about your presentation.. Check out this video from the Cosby show..

Do not present yourself to magazines, websites or to the public on a garbage can lid. Take your craft seriously. I hope this information has helped a little in your submission process. Please remember to read all information requested carefully and follow the directions to the letter.
NOTE: When someone asks you why you want to be a plus model, please do not say because someone ELSE told you you were pretty. That shows a lack of knowledge, confidence and they will not take you seriously.

Model of the Month ~ More than just a Pretty Face


Graphics By Fancy Face Kreations


Jenn is a well known actress and plus size model best known for her role as Lisa on Dave Chapelle’s Chapelle Show “Mad Real World” episode. This show was a spoof of The Real World on MTV.

Jenn is also a plus model and has been in many runway shows and ads for plus designers.   She also holds a master’s degree in acting from Columbia University in New York City. She has been on Broadway as well as the small screen. Currently Jennifer is an executive producer on the film Jenacide based on the story of the Jena 6 in Louisiana.

What I loved about speaking with Jennifer is that she is MORE than just a pretty face. In modeling, we are taught that you have to be able to do more than just smile and walk. You need to be able to function on both sides of the camera. As you can see from her bio, Queen Jennifer is one hard working woman. Along with the many hats she wears; model, actress, manager, producer, she is also wife to former WWE Champion and Motivational Speaker,  Ezekiel Jackson,  and mother to two beautiful children.  

Model of the Month Jenn Perkins by Slidely Slideshow

As Jen inspired me with her humble spirit and words of encouragement,  you could feel the love she has for her family as she spoke about her husband, Ezekiel and children and sent pictures along with hers. In what most would call a “Man’s World, Jennifer can definitely  take care of herself, but it’s refreshing to know that she also never loses sight of what’s truly important, family.  

As mentioned earlier, her husband Ezekiel, is a former WWE Champion, Motivational speaker as well as a trainer. His webiste, PHYSZEKE , offers 1-1 assestments, skype and online coaching, injury prevention, rehabilitation and much more. This makes Jenn and hubby a power couple in the Full Figured Community. Although we love to keep our curves, this does not mean that we should not exercise and take care of our bodies.  What a great way to reach the masses and spread the word of health and beauty.

If you would like to contact Jennifer Stephens for apperances, modeling or acting, you may do so here.

You can also follow him on Twitter.